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Places to visit in and around Courmayeur

What to do and what to see: between castles and medieval villages, museums and churches, well-known ski resorts and natural beauties, the Aosta Valley appears both in summer and in winter in all its splendor.

Location Courmayeur

An internationally renowned resort, Courmayeur, in the Aosta Valley (1,224m), rises at the foot of Mont Blanc. Many associate its name with white weeks, ski resorts and winter sports. But even when it's hot and the low-lying snow melts, Courmayeur has plenty of things to do and see. There is no shortage of walks, mountain bike rides and high altitude runs, along equipped paths of all types and difficulties. The less intrepid and families with small children can instead devote themselves to walks, sports courses, gardens, lakes and playgrounds in nature. Courmayeur, in addition to nature and the splendid mountains, offers interesting opportunities for cultural entertainment together with the possibility of enjoying a cuisine of the highest level, thanks to a wise use of local raw materials and traditional recipes reinvented with a touch of contemporaneity.

City Aosta

Aosta, a small Rome, shows the signs of the glorious Roman past, when it was called Augusta Praetoria. Among its most beautiful and best preserved monuments, we recommend the Roman Theater, built at the time of Emperor Claudius. The system of Roman access doors to the city of Aosta is also beautiful, the main one is the Porta Praetoria, located at the eastern entrance of the city, still in excellent condition today. One of the symbolic monuments of Aosta is the Arch of Augustus, built in 25 AD. after the victory of the Romans over the Salassi, which presents in a single monument different architectural styles, from Corinthian to Doric. But Aosta is not just archaeological ruins. The Collegiate Church of Saints Peter and Bear is one of the most important artistic buildings in the entire Valle D'Aosta, located in a corner of the city of considerable historical interest and of great artistic appeal. The Cathedral of Aosta dating back to the 11th century is also worth a visit, with its beautiful Romanesque bell towers, 16th century frescoes and early medieval ones.

Main Castles

To embellish the landscape of the Val d'Aosta, numerous castles that are like diamonds adorn vineyards and mountains. Among the tourist attractions not to be missed must undoubtedly be mentioned: the Castle of Aymavilles, the Castle of Saint Pierre, the Royal Castle of Sarre and the Church of Saint Léger. Spread throughout the territory of the Aosta Valley there are over one hundred suggestive castles, many of which are open to the public. Among the most fascinating castles we cannot not mention the castle of Verrès, the castle of Fénis and the castle of Sarriod de la Tour, the castle of Issogne, a fairy-tale sixteenth-century residence, and the residences loved by royalty, such as the Castel Savoia and the Castle of Sarre.

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